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An actual play anthology podcast made by a group of friends together around a table. Take a seat and join the stories.

Current story: 30 Nights, a story as told by Jason.

November 2021 - Thank You

Nov 3, 2021

Our Patreon has been public for a year now and an awesome new supporter has joined us for Tuesday Night Study Group. At our table we have always have to most focused sessions that accomplished many things when playing an off night game on Tuesdays. This lead to the Tuesday Night Study Group being known for "getting...

Release Updates - All Stories

Jun 2, 2021

Our table has always been one to allow for any one wishing to tell a story a chance to do so. In the far off past this happened when GM burnout happened. As more people had ideas to tell we started a set rotation. Initially we would switch off once a month but that breakneck speed was too rapid. We eventually settled on...

October 2020 - Thank you

Oct 14, 2020

We finally released our Patreon link to the general public and some of have believed in us enough to show support. For that we are truly incredibly grateful. Thank you for joining us at the table, even if virtually.

  • Adam
  • Don

You both showed support early on and continue to be forerunners of that support.

- Ryan

Episode 100 Celebration!

Sep 11, 2020

We have reached our 100th release after recording for just about 2 years now and sharing those stories with all of you a few months shy of that time. To celebrate we wanted to put together a big "Thank You" to those that have joined us at our table and shared our stories.


We are giving away the following price...

Beginning Thank-yous

Jul 18, 2020

Back in November of 2018 when deciding to finally commit to attempting a podcast it took a lot of energy and time learning. Throughout it all our group has been supportive but a few deserve highlighting.

Thank you to the follow individuals:

  • Brian
  • Luke
  • Jason
  • Elfie
  • Zakk
  • Zac

With continued support we hopefully will make...