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An actual play anthology podcast made by a group of friends together around a table. Take a seat and join the stories.

Current story: 30 Nights, a story as told by Jason.

Sep 25, 2020

The Midnight Squadron runs rear guard in a convoy transporting civilians over to the Sahtor Region. Shortly into the journey a chase scene unfolds but this time with cars for a fun spin on starship combat.

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Sep 18, 2020

Having finally been able to get some rest, the Midnight Squadron is assigned a new member. After some grub they are summoned again to speak to their commander for some new orders but run into a block on the way.

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Episode 100 Celebration!

Sep 11, 2020

We have reached our 100th release after recording for just about 2 years now and sharing those stories with all of you a few months shy of that time. To celebrate we wanted to put together a big "Thank You" to those that have joined us at our table and shared our stories.


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Sep 11, 2020

The Midnight Squadron continues their rush across the Kerozan Bridge. Have them made good enough time to avoid the demolition charges set to remove the bridge to cut off the oncoming Swarm? 

We also begin with a big announcement to celebrate our 100th release.

Music from this and all our episodes can be found on our...

Sep 4, 2020

After a lost episode we pick up with the Midnight Squadron as they reach the Kerozan Bridge. Ahead lies the long final stretch toward Fort Gallant.

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