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An actual play anthology podcast made by a group of friends together around a table. Take a seat and join the stories.

Current story: Threads of Ether, a story by Ryan.

Release Updates - All Stories

Jun 2, 2021

Our table has always been one to allow for any one wishing to tell a story a chance to do so. In the far off past this happened when GM burnout happened. As more people had ideas to tell we started a set rotation. Initially we would switch off once a month but that breakneck speed was too rapid. We eventually settled on on the quarterly system about 3 or 4 years ago. This was going well but our stories expanded. With that expansion it was always a bit rocky when transitioning across so many characters and GM's at the helm. 

In recorded times we were rather settled into our 3-month runs for GMs but it has worn on us. We enjoy all our characters and telling all our stories but it reached a time that our earliest break-neck speeds was how these quarterly changes were beginning to feel. After lots of discussion among our GMs and to the broader group as a whole we have decided to let our stories breath some more.

With our current Reign of Winter run we are adopting this new change. Gone is our old 3-month schedule and in comes a time for completion. Every story arc, our completed book for this telling their adaptation of an adventure path, will signal a chance. This lifts pressure off the GM running as they don't have to try, and 95% of the time fail, to guide us towards a meaningful story break by the end our a run. For all of us during our turn as a player it will allow us to live in our characters life and let them breathe deeper as we have more time to settle in their skin. 

For you, our few faithful listeners, we hope this change will be a welcome one. It allows you to journey a full story arc along with us. It allows us to experience our table in a more complete way, freed from constant bogging down as memories and scattered notes are dusted off. 

As always thank you for joining us at our table. Stay safe out there and may all your crits fall in your favor.

- Ryan