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An actual play anthology podcast made by a group of friends together around a table. Take a seat and join the stories.

Current story: 30 Nights, a story as told by Jason.

Aug 30, 2019

The group docks at New Elysium to be welcomed by Filip. Once obligatory PR speech is given, credits are forwarded along to everyone. Ever the high-end resort host, Filip personal takes our heroes on a tour through the gardens.


Title (Intro and Outro) music adapted from "Light Years Away" Copyright 2007...

Aug 23, 2019

Heeding the distress calls from the Goalrunner our group aids in fending off some pirates. Will they be able to hold them off long enough for security to arrive? For all the Absalom Station Brutaris fans we sure hope so. Come sit at our table and enjoy the story.


Title (Intro and Outro) music adapted from "Light Years...

Aug 16, 2019

With all the New Elysium guests ready at the terminal gate boarding on the resort shuttle begins. The ship captain greets everyone and welcomes the guests aboard. With final take-off checks being gone over the captain makes a small request of Zweite. Come settle in for a trip that thankfully doesn't last six hours.


Aug 9, 2019

The season starts proper with some short vignettes for each character. We get a glimpse at the varied backgrounds for our New Elysium guests as they gather for the VIP shuttle leaving from Qabaret on Castrovel.


Title (Intro and Outro) music adapted from "Light Years Away" Copyright 2007 Chuck Silva
"Light Years Away"...

Aug 2, 2019

We begin our third season with some group discussion before getting into the gameplay. Listen in as we talk about the horror genre, what scares us personally, our goals with playing a horror game, and open talk about boundaries. 

The use of X Cards as well as an addition of Y and Z cards. We have color-coded these cards...